Doctors and nurses are exposed to dangerous levels of virus-laden aerosols while treating COVID patients. Our HoodofHope augments regular PPE with a special headgear that uses polypropylene meltblown filter medium to keep out aerosols, thus reducing chances of infection.

Air is forced in through a filter and pumped out through a second filter so that in case the wearer is infected, it is not passed on. Voice communication is made easy using a microphone and speaker for two way communication. And we integrated an off the shelf Bluetooth stethoscope to enable the doctor to auscultate the patient while wearing the hood. The HoodofHope uses a USB power bank.

We have done a first trial of the HoodofHope, and received encouraging feedback from doctors. The HoodofHope makes it a lot more comfortable for doctors who have to wear PPE in tropical climates.

The HoodofHope and the ShieldofHope projects together received a “Nidhi Prayas” grant of Rs.10 Lakhs, through the TIMed incubator.

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